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Site Preparation

Before starting your project, give B & B Contracting a call for all of your site preparation needs. Many of our machines are equipped with gps systems to assist in site prep. Our staff is also knowledgeable in portable gps systems and are able to survey the site before the work begins. We have a wide range of packers and dozers to complete your project. We are here for all of your project needs from site planning and preparation to the end.

There is much more to site preparation than just bulldozing. There are important safety precautions which need to be adhered to so that your property is not damaged by debris. But beyond that, plans must be made depending on what you are doing with your property laying the groundwork for the new project which is to come.

Depending on the material and its condition you may be able to gain a discount on our services. Some materials can be recycled or reused in other portions of your project.