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B & B Contracting Inc.

Aberdeen, SD – Water and Sewer, Site Preparation, Excavation and Crane Services

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Our experience is something our customers can rely on. We are one of the most experienced and efficient companies in the area and are known for our quality of service. Please have a look at all the services we offer.

Site Preparation

Before starting your project, give B & B Contracting a call for all of your site preparation needs. Many of our machines are equipped with gps systems to assist in site prep. Our staff is also knowledgeable in portable gps systems and are able to survey the site before the work begins. We have a wide range of packers and dozers to complete your project. We are here for all of your project needs from site planning and preparation to the end.


Once you have the design we can dig and prepare the area quickly and efficiently. B & B Contracting Inc. is a fully licensed and insured company with many years of excavation experience. We know how to excavate any site while paying close attention to municipal codes and regulations.

Pond Digging or Filling

B & B Contracting Inc. can dig out your plot to the exact specifications of the design team flawlessly and efficiently. As a company that has been excavating for many years we know how to expertly prepare the site for both the pond and the watershed/drainage area.

Septic Tanks

For homes that are not connected to local water utilities a septic system is a must. However, installing a septic system is not as easy as digging a hole and placing a tank. Depending on your requirements and the local codes you may need to make room for an overflow tank. Of course, you also need to dig the pipe lines but not only to your house. Septic tanks also require drain fields. These are the areas which act as natural filters, releasing the wastewater back into the soil where it is broken down by the microbial ecosystem.

Sewer & Water

B & B Contracting Inc. has had a number of municipal contracts to excavate areas for sewer & water servicing and piping. We know how to properly create trenches with minimum impact on the surrounding area. Soil or pavement, we can clear the path for your project whatever its size.

Snow Removal

B & B Contracting does commercial snow removal for streets, roads, parking lots, and driveways. Call B & B Contracting for a quote for all your commercial snow removal needs.


When it comes to demolition B & B Contracting Inc. offers the most competitive rates in the business. We have performed many demolition projects and all this experience has made us perfect the art. Our employees are experts at understanding the quickest and safest way to demolish almost any structure. You will be surprised at how effective a focused amount of hydraulic pressure is at dismantling your structure.

Underground Utilities

Underground utilities can be a real challenge to excavate. Without the right equipment, the right plans and the right know how utility excavation can be a hazardous endeavor. With hundreds of miles of piping and cabling trenches dug for installation and repair we have the experience to tackle any project.